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    Zhejiang Haotianchi Sanitary Ware Industrial Co.,Ltd. is a large enterprise specialized in producing faucets,valves ,hoses  and shower head series,has been one of the famous companies in the sanitaryware area.The company has adopted perfect marketplace distributing system.estabilshed its own sales channels all around the country by building up franchised stores and dealers, The company commit themsevles in the requirement of the elegant life of the families .The company seek higher quality and keep in innovating,has earned the utmost trust of customers from domestic and overseas.   
     The company has advanced equipment,strict producing progress and testing instrument,In order to standardize and ensure the quality,the company adopted ISO 9001:2000 internationals quality control system,Sparkplug the proposition Science casts" quailty is the foundation" why the comamy keep enlarging.         
      HaoTianChi Brand communicating in religious ,clear ,insistent and professional way,chershing with the trustment and the expectation the customers gave us.Because of the effetive co-operation ,we not only satisfied the customers with high requirement ,but also take up with the representation of the high quality our customers expecting .      
      Haotianchi Sanitaryware Industrial Co.,Ltd,persist in human based,technological innovating ,quality first,building up a knowledged and professional younger manager team.We believe Haochi must a much more splendid tomorrow!

     Give both sides a trust,win together permanent.

      HaoTianChi My Luxury and Elegant Life.

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